Friday, April 27, 2012

Infertility Awareness

One in eight women suffer from infertility, which means that 87.5% of the population have no problems getting pregnant.  I personally have friends say who have said to me, "We weren't even trying.  We were on three forms of birth control."  or "We just wash our underwear together and we are pregnant."  or my personal fave from a dear friend, "We just have to think about each other naked in bed and I am 'knocked up.'"

Some of us are not so lucky.  Some of us take our temperature and check our mucus and clear our schedules.  We endure appointment after appointment, pill after pill, test after test.....And then we endure those 87.5% saying things like, "You just have to relax."  or "Sometimes you just need to stop trying for it to happen." 

I am not angry and bitter at you.  I am not upset or jealous.  I am simply hurting.  My heart aches. I really feel we as women take our bodies for granted.  They are magnificent organisms created by a loving Heavenly Father for our use on this mortal journey.  Everything is so properly in place--arms with hands who opposable thumbs, ten toes to paint, legs with amazing muscles to move us, two ears and only one mouth--what a perfectly designed, well oiled temple our body is.  Sometimes, things just don't work right.  Even if all of the parts are there....they just don't work, sometimes without explanation.

So, please excuse me when I get up from the chapel while you are blessing your baby.  Or please don't be angry if I send my regrets for your baby shower.  It is not because I am not amazingly excited for you and your family.  I am!  I really am, but sometimes, the hurt is too much.  It isn't because I don't love you or am being selfish.  It is actually self preservation.

I have come across some amazing websites lately.  Please watch this video here on Infertility.   (you may need a tissue or 12)
I also love Ashley of Feigning Fertility.  She always says things exactly as I wish I could!  (and I don't think she knows I am "blog stalker" but I really love her!!  She is so real!)
And one more link for Resolve.  It is a website all about Infertility Awareness.

Please, I don't intend to offend.  I don't intend to hurt. 

I intend to educate.

I intend to vent.

I intend to share my tears and my journey...


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