Sunday, July 26, 2009

I need some advice Please

I have recently come across blogs of more amazing women TTC. It is amazing to me where we all are in our journeys, and I realize, I have only begun. Today, I sat in church and watched two babies being blessed. And I cried. And I cried. And I cried. When I tried to control it, I cried some more. I am more than happy for these lovely families, but my heart aches for my own disappointment.

So I am writing today, reaching out to all of the amazing women who have been, or are going through, this journey, this battle, this struggle of infertility. I am pleading and begging for some help and advice. How do you do it? How are you strong day after day, month after month, year after year? What gets you through? I really hate complaining, but I am scraping the bottom of the barrel. We have this network out there of super amazing, strong, beautiful women and I would love to hear how you do it because my friends, I am not doing it so strongly right now.

I spoke to my friend this morning and told her I felt like I had bi-polar infertility. One moment I am perfectly fine just being the best aunt out there, and the next moment I can't even stand to be around an expectant mother. I need there to be more good days than bad.