Thursday, October 29, 2009


Well, I ended up being 15 days late!
But after those fifteen days, I started clomid. It was no walk in the park! My friends, you were not lying when you said it could cause mood swings. I felt like I was on the verge of crying every minute. I was super weepy. And my second side effect was HOT FLASHES! They were so random and so crazy. I would be up teaching a class and all of sudden, start sweating and fanning myself. Wow...I am not sure I am ready for children. All of the trying, all of the waiting, and I am having second thoughts, huge worries! I have heard it say that no one is ever really ready, but I don't feel physically, emotionally, financially ready. I still just trust in a bigger plan.

We don't have Internet set up at our home yet, so it is only occasionally I get to blog. Man, I miss it! Hopefully, a longer update soon!


  1. Sorry about the side effects, I've heard they can be treacherous! Good luck.
    After living without a home computer for 3 weeks, I understand the frustrations. I was so miserable without my computer.

  2. Bigger plan, that is right! Even if you were having second thought and you weren't sure about children, I know that they can be a handful at times but they light up the world! I don't think I would be able to survive without mine now that I've had them. I still have days though that I catch myself thinking what in the world am I doing? and Am I being a good mom?
    Only time can tell.

    Love you Brandya!!!!

  3. I totally know what you mean about having second thoughts. The night before my induction with Samantha I told Cory that I wasn't ready and I wanted to go back. He got this REALLY worried look on his face and nervously and cautiously told me that it was a little late for second thoughts.... It's totally normal!! At any stage of the trying or pregnancy journey. It shows that you care about more than just your own needs, which means you're as ready as you can be!

    I'm so sorry about all those side effects, most especially the hot flashes, wow that's crazy!!! I hope your computer gets hooked up soon at home. I can't wait to see pictures of your place from the inside once you get it all put together.

  4. Hang in there sweetie! You can do it.

  5. Clomid does stink doesn't it?!? I hope things get better for you- You are such a trooper!! :0)

  6. After our Twilight dinner I came home and looked up your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts. It's amazing how little one can tell what's going on in someone's personal life but I appreciate your posting so others can get a glimpse. You are awesome Brandy.

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