Monday, September 21, 2009

Exactly how long is four years?

Four years: The amount of time we have been trying to add to our family of two. What a tremendous amount of time!

Four years is equal to:

The amount of time it normally takes someone to earn a Bachelor's Degree

Two LDS missions

The amount of time between Olympic games

Amount of time the President of the United States is in office

Once every four years there are 29 days in February instead of only 28

48 months, equal to about 48 times I have had to look my DH in the eye to tell him, "Not this time."


  1. I hear ya! I went through four years of infertility before we were struck by lightning and conceived. It was 48 months of absolute sheer disappointment that consumed my life and every waking thought (and most sleeping thoughts too).

    Now I have a 2 1/2 year old and have 'hopped' back on the infertility roller coaster once again...only to experience 'secondary infertility' this time....yee ha!

    I just want to tell you....never give up! No one knows the journey unless you have been through it. I am so sorry that you (or anyone) has to go through such a struggle.

    To answer your question: Four years is way too long!!

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